4G Body Worn Cameras for Railway Inspectors

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4G Body Worn Cameras for Railway Inspectors

     Nowadays railway transportation occupies an important position in public transportation, not only
     undertaking people's movement, but also as a transport link for goods. The importance of railway

     transportation is self-evident. In order to ensure the safe operation of railways, railway inspections

     have become particularly important. Question: Is there any tool that could make railway inspections

     more efficient?

     Easy Storage body cameras work as ideal solution for railway inspections. The camera will record the

     whole process of railway inspections with audio and video. Meanwhile, it allows the control centre to

     remotely monitor the situation on spot for timely dispatch and command.

► 1512P HD video recording

     The whole process of railway inspectors' duty is recorded, this to a certain extent promote the civilized

     duty of inspectors.

► 1512P HD video mode

     1512P high-definition video mode to ensure clear and delicate picture quality. The complete railway

     inspection process will be recorded and saved.

 Remote monitoring of on-site rescue process

     It allows the control centre remotely monitors the railway inspectors working scene, and helps the

     administrator make timely decisions and command.

► Real time positioning and historical track playback

     Easy Storage body cameras have built-in GPS module to upload the railway inspectors’ real time

     location. The control center is also able to view the railway inspectors’ moving track, which contributes

     to the dispatch and management.

► Real time intercom

     No matter where you are, it allows you to achieve mutual intercom or with the console to receive and
     transmit information in real time.

► Low power consumption, longer battery life

     Easy Storage body cameras adopt a replaceable battery design, and are equipped with two 2700mAh

     rechargeable batteries. The cameras also have a backup battery built-in and keep working during

     battery replacement. They will record continuously for more than 18 hours @1080P .

► One-key press to trigger an emergency alarm

     In case of emergency, the railway inspector may report to control center with one-click alarm, the control

     center will view real time situation on spot and make timely decisions. Meanwhile, the remote

     scheduling arrangement can be realized through the intercom function.

 Intelligent infrared night vision

     Equipped with multiple high-brightness infrared lights, automatic light-sensitive on/off, support night

     photography and video recording, clear picture quality. Up to 7 meters with visible face detection. The

     outline of human body can be seen clearly at 10M.

► File encryption to ensure data security

     Video files are encrypted and saved. The video data is only accessible by administrator or authorized

     person with specified playback software and password.

► Rain proof & dust proof (IP56)

     The body camera is of water-proof, dust-proof and drop-proof design to deal with complex working


     Body cameras have been proved to play a vital role in railway inspections. They record the full audio

     and video of railway inspection process, while the control centre can remotely monitor the inspection

     site for timely dispatch and command.

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