Police Body Camera

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Police Body Camera

► High Quality Video and Audio Recording

     Recording resolution is up to 2688x1512 (1512P), support recording audio with video together.

► 13-Hour Full Shift Battery Life

     Up to 13 Hour Battery Life ensures your camera lasts a whole shift which is critical to ensuring recording


► Live Streaming via 4G/LTE

     The camera has the ability to stream in real time via 4G or WiFi connectivity. High quality video can be

     seen live in the control center allowing real-time situation awareness and decision making.

► Live Tracking through GPS

    The operator can also understand the officer's position by built-in GPS.

► Record File Protection

    Using the AES256 encryption technology, the record file in the camera will be safe and protected from

    unauthorized access.

► Inter-phone Function

    By pressing the PTT button on the camera, the camera can work like a walkie talkie and talk to other

    cameras anywhere in the world via 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity.

► SOS Button, Foot Pursuit Activation and Go-prone Alarm

    Officer can use SOS button on camera to send an alert back to a control centre with their live video,

    GPS location details.

    With a built-in accelerometer, the camera can detect when an officer is running and trigger recording,

    allowing the officer to focus on remaining safe during a high-stress encounter.

    If officers are attacked and suddenly fall to the ground, the 4G/LTE body worn camera can trigger a go-

    prone alarm and report it to the command center in time.

► External Camera

    The camera can connect with an external camera which is suitable for special situation.

► Facial Recognition

    The camera can scan and recognize the faces of potentially everyone they see while on patrol.

► Rugged and Waterproof

    With rugged design and IP68 waterproof, the camera stands up to the most extreme environments.

    The camera can survive from drops & impact. It can also be used in the rain, dust and extreme


► Small and Lightweight

    The camera weights only 6.6oz and dimension size is 32.9" x 20.1" x 10.9".

Police Body Camera,Police Body Worn Camera.

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