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Mini Body Camera Solution for Medical Industry

Time:2022-07-12 Source: Easy Storage Share:

Easy Storage's mini body camera for the medical industry is small in size and can be carried anywhere. It can record the situation in real-time during emergency visits, avoiding the difficulty of tracing evidence when disputes occur. Besides, it is conducive to supervising the standardized operation of medical staff.

● It is conducive to improving the popularity of the hospital.
● It is beneficial to record the evidence on-site and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both parties.
● It is helpful to avoid medical accidents caused by non-standard operations.
● In case of medical disputes, it can provide high-definition audio and video data as evidence.
● It is good for case teaching, and typical cases can be archived properly.

1080P High-definition Video & Synchronous Audio Recording
It records 1080P high-definition video and supports synchronous audio recording, which can record the whole process of emergency visits, providing powerful evidence when tracing a dispute.

Remote Real-time Transmission
This camera can be connected to WiFi networks such as fixed WiFi, mobile hotspot, portable WiFi, etc. It can realize remote real-time transmission of data to the management platform in the hospital, which can remotely view the whole process of on-site emergency treatments, and provide remote assistance to patients.

Compact Size| Ultra Lightweight | Comfortable Wearing
The camera is about half the size of a bank card, which is lightweight and suitable for anywhere.

At Ease Use
Easy Storage keeps the shape of this camera the same as an ordinary law enforcement camera, making the records open and transparent, avoiding invasion of others' privacy. At the same time, it is helpful to supervise the standardized operation of medical staff and protect the rights and interests of patients.

Multiple Wearing Options, Flexible and Comfortable to Wear

Low Power Consumption, Powerful Battery Life
The built-in 2000mAh Li-Ion battery enables about 12 hours of continuous video recording,  which ensures an uninterrupted record during the user's working time.

Humanized Design

With a built-in LCD screen, the camera's working status is clear at a glance. Meanwhile, it supports customizing the content of voice broadcasts.

Encrypted Video Files to Ensure Data Security
Support video file encryption, the encrypted video can only be played by the authorized app.

Centralized Storage & Management of the Video Data
When used with Easy Storage's management platform, it can upload the data recorded by the camera to the server for centralized storage and management.

Available In Multiple Colors
It can adapt to a variety of application scenarios and is easy to record.

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