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Forklift Camera Systems

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Forklift Camera Systems

Typical System Installation


Multiple Display Mode for Driver

With a camera mounted on the fork, you will see on the monitor whether the fork is positioned correctly, making it easy to avoid inserting the forks incorrectly and increase safety when picking up or putting down pallets. With fork view, rear view and side view cameras, our system can provide multiple mode for in-cab display, eliminating blind spots and providing a significantly increased field of view when driving or backing.

360° Recording with 1080P Video

With wide angle cameras, the system provide you 360° 1080P video evidence covering inside and around your forklifts.

Live Streaming via 4G/Lte

Our live streaming software allows for a Safety Manager to remotely view (on any device, smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop) the cameras from any buses in their fleet in real time.


Live Tracking through GPS

Remote download files,  upgrade and control

Reduce the maintenance labor work by remote operation. Support downloading record files via 4G/Lte for fast retrieving footage. Support upgrading the firmware or configuration remotely.


Compact Size for Easy Installation


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