● It’s beneficial to enhance the brand awareness of the security company.
● It’s conducive to fixing evidence and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of both parties.
● It can standardize the duty of security personnel to improve efficiency.
● In case of civil disputes, it can provide video and audio data as evidence.
● Contactless check-in provides high efficient and accurate experience.
● High-definition audio & video recording provides powerful evidence when tracking back a dispute.
● Correlate patrol check-in with video recording to standardize security duties.
● The patrol management system is powerful and easy to use, which improves the work efficiency of managers.
● Enhance the brand image of the security companies.
● It is conducive to enhancing the brand awareness of insurance companies.
● It is beneficial to record the evidence on site and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both parties.
● Replay the signing process, case analysis, and enhance the business transaction rate.
● Standardize the signing action of insurance personnel to avoid disputes caused by ambiguity.
● In the event of a civil dispute, it can provide high-definition audio and video data as evidence.
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