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1.High Quality Video and Audio Recording.
2.13-Hour Full Shift Battery Life.
3.Live Streaming via 4G/LTE.
4.Live Tracking through GPS.
5.Record File Protection.
6.Inter-phone Function.
7.SOS Button, Foot Pursuit Activation and Go-prone Alarm.
8.External Camera.
9.Facial Recognition.
10.Rugged and Waterproof.
11.Small and Lightweight
1.1512P HD Video Recording, Synchronous Audio Recording Supported.
2.Remote Monitoring of On-site Rescue Process.
3.One-key Press to Trigger an Emergency Alarm.
4.Real Time Positioning and Historical Track Playback.
5.Real Time Intercom.
6.Intelligent Infrared Night Vision.
7.Low Power Consumption, Longer Battery Life.
8.File Encryption to Ensure Data Security
1.1512P HD video recording.
2.1512P HD video mode.
3.Remote monitoring of on-site rescue process.
4.Real time positioning and historical track playback.
5.Real time intercom.
6.Low power consumption, longer battery life.
7.One-key press to trigger an emergency alarm.
8.Intelligent infrared night vision.
1.On-site High Definition Video & Audio Recording, Retaining the Inspection & Maintenance Progress.
2.126 Degree Wide Angle.
3.Remote Video & Audio Monitoring via 4G/WiFi.
4.GPS for Remote Positioning.
5.Automatic file upload.
6.Record Route History, Help to Standardize More Reasonable Working Lines.
7.GEO Fence.
8.One-click Alarm for Quickly Response to On-site Emergency Situations.
Easy Storage has launched a 4G body camera solution for rapid/temporary deployment.
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