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Product Name

Product Name: 4CH FHD AHD Mobile DVR

Product Model: HDVR9804F

Key Features

General Introduction
The HDVR Mobile HDD video recorder is a compact, full-featured recording system that uses a hard disc as a storage device. The recorder unit and associated accessories are specifically designed for operation in a mobile environment.

The Mobile HDD video record system, used in conjunction with the cameras, records up to 4 channels of full-motion video and audio data to a removable hard disc. The firmware-driven menu system provides a simple method for configuring the unit's operation as well as searching for and viewing previously recorded AV records.

1.1 Video And Audio
High Profile video compression, real time recording 30 fps. Frame rate adjustable for each channel.
Audio compression: G.711 codec. This codec offers high compression with high quality audio.
4 channels 1080P resolution for analog camera.

1.2 Power Management
Reliable power management, wide voltage: +12VDC~+32VDC; The power input is protected against short positive transient (1500 watts peak pulse power capability with a 10x1000 us waveform); The power input is protected against negative voltage. Applicable for vehicles with +12V or +24V battery.
The recorder provides each camera with stable +12V DC power; DVR can detect the short cut on power circuit.
Can use ignition to control the power.
DVR can monitor battery voltage after Ignition off, and auto into sleep mode when voltage is bellow specified level.

1.3 Recording Mode
Continuous record.
Support schedule recording.
Support alarm recording.
Support alarm pre-recording and post-recording.
Support motion detection recording.

1.4 GPS Time Synchronization & Time Zone
Synchronize the DVR system time with GPS automatically
Support All Time Zones Worldwide
Support DST (Daylight Saving Time)

1.5 Speed and Vehichle Status Recording
Record vehicle speed and car id with audio and video.
Support 3 sensors, can be connected to speed, ignition, brake, return, right turn, left turn light etc.
Over-speed alarm and trigger recording with separated files.

1.6 Hard Disk
Support hard disk up to 6T. Please note, the inside height of the hard disk case is 10.2mm, please select the hard disk whose height is less than 9.5mm.

1.7 SD Card
Support SDHC card within 32GByte.
Support SDXC card more than 64GByte (Maxim 2048GByte)
Support hot-plug when the DVR system is not recording or remote-operation(remote copying or playing back)
Note: If you remove the SD card while recording or operating (remote copying or playing back), it might cause the damage of the files on SD card. While recording, the yellow light on the front panel will be on. So please stop recording or operating until the yellow light is off if you need to remove the SD card.

1.8 Multiple Player Supported
VLC media player (version1.0.0 or above);
Storm player (Version 2009 or above);
Winamp (Version 5.531 or above).


Model HDVR9804F
System OS Linux 4.9.138
Booting Time <20 s (From Powered on to start recording)
Language Chinese/English/Russian
Video Video Intput Maximum for 4x 1080p Analog/AHD cameras
Video Output 2 Video Output (1 HDMI output, 1 CVBS output, HDMI is optional)
Record Mode Auto Record, Schedule Record, Alarm Record
Fram rate 85fps@1080p
Preview Support FullScreen/Dual View/Quad View
Record File Record video and audio at same time
Audio Audio Input 4 audio input(built in the camera)
Audio Compression PCM(According to the type of camera)
Video Process Record resolution Support 1920x1080/1280x720/960x540(According to the type of camera)
Bite Rate 100~8000 kbps for each camera
Storage Support up to 6TB hard disk,one up to 256G SD card. SD card can be used as backup storage for hard disk when hard disk error
Alarm Alarm Input 3 alarm sensors input, 1 ignition input, 1 panic button alarm, 1 G-Sensor alarm
Alarm Output 1 beeper, Alarm OSD
Event Video Loss Event, Over Speed Event, G-Sensor Event, Storage Event, Motion Detection Event, Panic button Event
Communication RS485 One RS485 port
RS232 One RS232 port (For GPS)
RJ45 One RJ45 port, 100M network
USB One USB, can be used for mouse, USB stick
Network Protocol TCP/IP
WIFI Optional, Build in 802.11b/g/n AP, speed up to 300Mbps
Location GPS Location feature is optional, Support GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU,recording location, speed, live tracking
G-sensor G-sensor Support for three-axis motion detection
Firmware Fram rate Recording frame rate: 1~30fps selectable for each camera
License ID Support
Camera Name Support
OSD Display and record time, license ID, camera name, location, speed
Over Write Support
Playback Support play back, file listed by time or alarm
Playback Speed Support from 1/32 to 32
Software hPlayer Player software, play multiple cameras together, can also play the encrypted file
CMSV6 Used for 4G/3G model only, support live view/live tracking/historical track/remote upgrade etc
Maintain Firmware Upgrade Can use hard disk/USB disk/SD card/remote upgrade via 4G
Power Power Input 12~32VDC
Power Output 11.5V/1.5A (4 channels)
ACC <4.5V Ignition Off
>6.2V Ignition On
Working Condition Working Temperature -25 ~ 55°C
Working Humidity 5%~93%
Other Time Internal clock, can synchronize with GPS
Dual bit stream Two different bit stream for recording and live streaming via 4G/3G
Power Protection Protect power from short cut, over load and error connection
Default Can set to default setting
Light Indicator Light Indicator for power, run, alarm, network, record, system
Size 162.3x133.0x30.2 mm
Weight About 0.55kgs
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