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New Released! Easy Storage’s Mini Docking Station is Available Now

Time:2023-01-11 Source: Easy Storage

In order to meet the needs of fast charging and data transmission, Easy Storage has developed a Mini Docking Station DSN01, which can support 6 Mini Body Cameras for charging at the same time. Besides, it can upload the data to the server via network transmission.

This Mini Docking Station is convenient to use. Firstly, plug the Mini Body Camera into the Docking Station,  and then connect it to the office or home network, the captured data will be automatically transmitted to the server for centralized storage. And it supports up to 6 cameras to upload to the server at the same time. What's more, it can transmit data while charging the body camera, which saves time, and avoids the situation of forgetting to charge the camera and affecting the work. The interface of the Mini Docking Station is connected by a thimble, and the base is fastened by a buckle, which is convenient for picking and placing.

Compact Size, Easy to Carry

Featuring a 152x136x32mm dimension and 0.36kgs lightweight body, this device is easy to carry, and it can transmit data to the headquarters' server anytime, anywhere for centralized storage and management.

Faster, More Stable, and More Convenient

This Mini Docking Station is transmitted through the network cable, which is more stable and supports the network cascade of multiple data terminals. The maximum transmission speed can reach 125MB/s and the videos can be directly uploaded to the cloud server.

More Cost-effective

Different from the docking station with the USB interface, Easy Storage's Mini Docking Station is not limited by the 26 drive letters of the computer, and one server can be connected to more than 26 body cameras, which greatly saves company’s costs.

Easy Operation, Safe and Efficient

There is no risk of virus infection because the device does not need to be connected to a computer and operating system. There is no need to worry about data being tampered with and lost because it does not need manual intervention. Also, this device does not need complicated technical support and post-maintenance. Each data terminal and docking port has a unique ID number, and the data can be traced clearly.

About Easy Storage

Established in 2002, Easy Storage Technologies Co., Ltd., is a leading company specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of digital audio and video products. With a dedicated R&D team, perfect craftsmanship, and professional service team, Easy Storage has been focusing on the R&D of mobile video and audio products for 20 years. Its core technology covers both hardware and software, including HDD/SD Card Mobile DVRs, Full HD Cameras, Body Worn Cameras, Data Management Systems, etc.

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