Easy Storage has release EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization) function in body worn cameras

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Easy Storage has released EIS(Electronic Image

Stabilization) function in body worn cameras


Why we need EIS for body worn cameras?

Body worn cameras are mostly worn by law enforcement officers. In the process of law enforcement 

evidence collection, the image shakes due to the movement of the personnel, which easily causes the 

video recorded by the body worn cameras to be blurred and details are lost. Especially in an emergency 

situation, the law enforcement personnel may run violently, which increases the video jitters, and the 

recorded video will be more blurred. Therefore, the image stabilization function has become an urgent 

requirement for body worn cameras.


There are two types of image stabilization technology. One is Optical Image Stabilization(OIS) and the 

other one is Electronic Stabilization(EIS). OIS mechanically moves the image sensor in response to any 

shaking detected in your camera. As IOS is working with mechanical unit which could easily get damaged 

when dropped. And IOS is not good for night vision switch. IOS is not a good solution for body worn 


How does EIS work in Easy Storage’s Body Worn Camera? 


Electronic Image Stabilization is different from OIS. The system still detects camera shake using its 

sensors, but adjustments are made when the image hits the image sensor. The body worn camera have 

built-in g-sensor to capture motion data, these motion data is feed to the image process chip set for video 


Easy Storage’s body worn cameras use EIS to smooth the video, keeping the image stable and clear 

law enforcement officers are walking and running, without affecting the equipment's drop and night 


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