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An Internet Celebrity in Law Enforcement Industry: 4G/LTE Body Worn Camera with Live Streaming Function

Time:2020-07-13 Source: Easy Storage


An Internet Celebrity in Law Enforcement Industry: 4G/LTE Body Worn Camera with Live Streaming Function

An Introduction on the Applications and Features of 4G/LTE Body Worn Cameras

After several years of development, 4G/LTE body worn cameras have more features and been used more widely. Compared with the ordinary stand-alone version of the body worn camera, the 4G/LTE body worn camera that can stream live video and audio has more abundant functions and wider application scenarios.

Remote Command and Control

Facing various emergencies at the scene, the law enforcement and relevant departments need to use a Remote Command and Control System to deal with various emergencies. Nowadays, 4G/LTE body worn cameras have become a typical product of mobile video terminals. Because of its "No Need for Installation, Light and Convenient, Connect and Play" features, it plays an increasingly important role in a Remote Command and Control System.

Rapid Deployment, Live Streaming

Unlike the fixed video terminal, the
4G/LTE body worn camera is not limited by the installation location and there is no video blind zone. 4G/LTE body worn camera can be flexibly use the  to focus on the closest angle of view according to the site situation, providing direct and clear scene images and sound, providing effective information for the commander.

The 4G/LTE body worn camera is lightweight and compact. The 4G/LTE mobile network is used for video/audio transmission, which can achieve the effect of connecting and using. Commanders can observe the situation from different angles through multiple 4G/LTE body worn cameras equipped by front-line officer, obtain first-hand live video and audio, and make decisive decisions to quickly respond to various emergencies.

Instant Alert

 recording on-site video and audio when encountering emergencies, the officer must have a way to immediately contact the command center. The 4G/LTE body worn camera can use its one-touch alarm button to quickly report to the command center, allowing the command center to respond quickly.

With a built-in accelerometer, the camera can detect when
 an officer starts running and triggers recording, allowing the officer to focus on remaining safe during a high-stress encounter. The camera can also automatically send alerts to the command center.

officers are attacked and suddenly fall to the ground, the 4G/LTE body worn camera can trigger a go-prone alarm and report it to the command center in time. After receiving the alarm, the command center can rescue in time, and win valuable time for guaranteeing the personal safety of officers.

Live Tracking, Inter-phone Function

When responding to emergencies, the command center needs to
coordinate with all officers. It can use the live tracking function of the 4G/LTE body worn camera to obtain the real-time location of on-site officers and quickly dispatch and deploy them. At the same time, the 4G/LTE body worn camera can use the intercom function. The integrated intercom of 4G/LTE body worn camera can realize one-to-many call, and can also make one-to-one call, and is not limited by distance, as long as the body worn camera is connected with the 4G/LTE network, you can talk to any officer anywhere in the world at the command center.


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