New Launch! 10-port Network Docking Station

Time:2020-06-16 Source: Easy Storage

Following the launch of the standard 8-port & 10-port docking station in 2018, Easy Storage has been dedicating to develop a faster, more convenient and more stable docking station. Now we’re glad to launch the upgraded network version, model DSN07.



Network Docking Station (Model: DSN07)



Main Features



Convenient & fast charging:10 of Easy Storage body cameras can be plugged into DSN07 at the same time. Charging will start as soon as the cameras are connected. Charging time takes about 3.5 hours.

Data upload
: Convenient data management. Users insert Easy Storage body cameras into DSN07, video files will be uploaded to server automatically. It’s safe and efficient.

File download
: Administrator or authorized person is free to download video, audio, and photos from the server .

Remote management
: Administrator or authorized person can remotely manage the video files saved in the server, like online playback, file download & upload, etc.







Faster, more stable and more convenient
The ordinary docking station is transmitted through USB interface, and files are uploaded to the local server. Easy Storage DSN07 is transmitted via a network cable, which is more stable. It supports up to 10 body cameras at the same time. The maximum transmission speed reaches 100Mbps*10 port=1Gbps. Files can be directly uploaded to the local server or cloud server.

Unrestricted and more economical

Different from the USB interface docking station, DSN07 can be used without being restricted by the 26 drive letters of PC. The same server can be connected to collect data from more than 26 body cameras, which greatly saves the cost of the server.

Friendly operation, efficient & safe

This data terminal is with no PC, no Windows OS, unattended, and no need to worry about virus invasion.
Without complicated technical support and maintenance.
No manual intervention, no need to worry about recoded files being tampered, lost or deleted at the data terminal.
Each docking port has a mechanical bayonet with spring, easy to operate, stable and reliable.
The indicator lights on the body camera indicate the status of file transmission is in progress or completed.
Each data terminals and docking port has a unique ID number, which can record uploading location along with recorded files.






  10pcs per station

Connect Mode

  5pin Thimble Contact

Lock Mode


Power Switch



Power input

  100V~240V/ 3.8A MAX

Power output

  Maximum 5V/ 25A

Power for charging

  5V/ 2.0A per port


RJ45 port

  2x gigabit ethernet port

Maximun Speed




IP address

  Static IP & DHCP

Dock Port ID

  Automatic Port ID identification

DMS unique ID

  Location report of Camera includes DMS ID and Dock Port ID


Power Cable


Ethernet cable




  Aluminum Base + ABS Cradle









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